Using pst2gb.exe for recovering over-sized PST Files

MS Outlook is a personal information management application that provides users with an easy way to manage e-mails, calendaring tasks and to do lists.  All of this important information is stored in a single file called the Outlook PST file.  As a user adds more and more information in Outlook, the PST file grows larger.  Prior to Outlook 2007, the application could not perform properly with a PST file larger than 2GB.  Outlook 2007 and later versions are able to work with PST files up to 20GB in size.

The potential for data corruption and damage in a PST file increases as the file grows larger.  When the Outlook PST file is damaged or corrupted, Scanpst.exe utility can repair the damage.  This utility is installed with Outlook.  Unfortunately, this utility has not been updated in Outlook 2007 and later versions so it is unable to repair PST files larger than 2GB.  Users needing to repair larger PST files can either reduce the size of the PST file below 2GB or use a third party Outlook PST Repair tool to fix the file.

Microsoft has a utility called pst2gb.exe available for download.  This utility can reduce the size of the PST file below 2GB.  It does this by truncating and deleting data in the PST file.  Once the PST file is reduced below 2GB, the Scanpst.exe utility can be used to repair the damaged PST file.  Most experts advise against fixing an over-sized PST file in this way because the data removed may be information the user wants to keep.  The process of truncating data also carries the possibility of damaging the PST file further.

The best way to fix an over-sized PST file is with a third party Outlook PST Repair application.  These programs are designed to fix complicated problems in PST files.  They can also work with larger PST files without any difficulty.

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