Unable to Show Reminders in Outlook 2007

MS Outlook 2007 provides users with the ability to manage much more than their e-mails.  The Reminder Service is one of the most popular features available.  Users can set an alarm to occur with a message reminding them about an important task or appointment that needs to be addressed.  These reminders can include an audio cue and a pop up message that will appear even if the user in currently in another application.  When the Reminder Service fails to function correctly, this can create a lot of frustration for the user.  Fortunately, when the Reminder Service is not functioning correctly, the user will be informed by an error message when they open Outlook 2007.  The message states clearly that the Reminder Service cannot be started and often includes an error code like:

Unknown Error Code:  0×80040600

If the error message does not include an error code, then one or more of the reminders are damaged and responsible for the error.  The user will need to clear all of the reminders to resolve the issue.  Click the Start button and choose Run.  In the Run window type:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12\OUTLOOK.EXE /Cleanreminders

If the Microsoft Office Suite was not installed in the default location, the path will need to be changed to reflect where Outlook is actually installed.

If the error message included an error code, a second step is required to fully resolve the issue.  The error code indicates that the PST file is also damaged and must be repaired.  The Scanpst.exe tool is located in:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033

Run the Scanpst.exe tool.  Browse to the PST file within the tool and click Scan.  This will begin the process of repairing the damaged PST file.  If Outlook 2007 continues to experience problems, a PST Repair utility from a third party vendor should be used to complete advanced repairs to the damaged PST file.

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