Scanpst.exe error and how to solve it

Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular applications that are mostly used by people all over the world and they use it for managing their emails both personal and professional. The information’s that are stored in Microsoft Outlook are automatically stored in a file which is known as the Personal Storage File or the PST file that looks after and manages all the data’s stored in the Microsoft Outlook. Sometimes PST files are damaged and then it can damage the information mailbox and even some emails are lost too. So in order to retrieve all of the lost information Outlook is trying to execute the scanpst.exe tool which is capable to resolve some type of PST file damage.  If the scanpst.exe tool is unable to resolve the problem or it is missing the user gets the scanpst.exe error.

There are different types of the scanpst.exe error:

  • Error that is of fatal type.
  • There may be some error in the PST file data too.
  • Sometimes it throws client error.
  • scanpst.exe error message regarding that the entry point of the tool is not found.
  • Sometimes an unknown type error also occurs.
  • Some other type of error may also be detected in the PST file physical condition.
  • Sometimes the Microsoft Outlook displays the message that the PST is missing.
  • The interface of the message sometimes displays a scanpst.exe error of unknown type.

Not all these scanpst.exe errors can be fixed because the scanpst.exe tool is designed to repair only those errors which are of minor type. But the scanpst.exe tool is unable to repair an error of major type.

You can repair these problems of the scanpst.exe pro.  Download Scanpst.exe pro and scan your PST file for free. Later you will be able to register your own license and recover the mailbox / PST file data.

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