Recovering remote network PST

How you can recover PST File located on a shared network drive

When you are getting this error:   file .pst isn’t a personal folders file it means that the PST
file with the problem is located on a network drive. When MS Outlook fails during the opening of a PST located on a remote server it usually  ends with a damaged PST file.  In order to fix the failed PST it is necessary to copy the file to a local computer for recovery process as Scanpst.exe Pro will require too much time foe
scan and recovery.

  • There is more than one reason for a failure in a shared network PST file:
  • Internal PST file database is malfunctioning
  • File was not saved correctly due to a client-server disconnection
  • Simple permissions issue. In this case it is only required to contact sys admin for restoring the rights and permissions on the PST file.

Slow network connection may also bring unwanted errors. In this cae you will have to check the reasons why your network is slow and maybe upgrade your connection speed.
Scanpst.exe PRO can handle both local and remote PST file as long as the files are copied to the local computer before the scan or recovery process. In cases where the Outlook is working together with an Exchagne server, it is required to ensure that the PST file is not just a local copy of the Exchange server remote mailbox. In that case it maybe enough to rename the PST file name and let it recreated as a new copy of your remote folder that contains your emails events etc…

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