Outlook Mscon32.dll Errors

MS Outlook is a very popular e-mail and personal management application.  One of the reasons it is so widely used is its ability to connect with other applications through plug-ins.  This ability to work with other programs improved productivity and streamlines many processes.  Outlook is able to work with these other applications because the mscon32.dll file ensures the communication between Outlook and the other programs is smooth and accurate.  When there is a problem with communication between the programs, users will see the message:

The Plug-in application has been disabled because the file msncon32.dll cannot be started

When this occurs, Outlook is unable to take advantage of features and capabilities which relay on the other program.  Sometimes when an update is issued, the plug-in is disabled by the manufacturer for previous versions.  Ensure both Outlook and the other programs are fully updated.  In some cases, it will be necessary to uninstall the Plug-in and reinstall it to complete the update.

The Plug-in also writes information to the Outlook PST file.  If the PST file fails to update its Plug-in information correctly, the user will continue to see these errors.  Run the Scanpst.exe utility to ensure the PST file is properly configured.  Scanpst.exe is stored in:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033

Open Scanpst.exe, locate the PST file and click Scan.  The utility will automatically correct any errors it identifies.  In some instances, a third party Outlook PST Repair utility will be required.

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