Outlook 2007 Message Interface Errors

MS Outlook 2007 is a robust e-mail and personal management application that many businesses and individuals rely on.  Users are reporting a problem with Outlook 2007 when they engage in almost any activity within the application including sending or receiving e-mails, editing or setting up appointments and creating reminders.  The actions they are attempting are unable to be processed and the user is shown an error message like:

Messaging Interface has experienced an unknown error

Cannot empty deleted items due to Messaging Interface error

Internal errors exist in this file

 The source of these errors is the Outlook PST file.  The PST file stores all of the personal information, e-mails and other data Outlook needs to run properly.  These Messaging Interface problems can be resolved by running the Scanpste.exe tool located in:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033

Running the Scanpst.exe for outlook 2007 utility allows the user to scan the PST file.  When the utility finds damage, it will automatically repair the PST file.  This will resolve the issue the vast majority of the time.  On those rare occasions when Outlook 2007 continues have issues, a third party PST Repair software will be able to fix the more complicated PST file damage.

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