MS Outlook Unknown Error 0×80040600

It is not uncommon for MS Outlook users to lose or forget their password.  When this happens, they are unable to access MS Outlook and will often turn to a password recovery tool to regain access to the application.  The pst19upg.exe tool is what most users rely on in these situations.  The tool is actually designed to ensure the integrity of the PST file is maintained during upgrades but, it can also be used to for PST password recovery.  When this occurs, the tool recreates the Outlook PST file without a password, enabling the user to access their email folders again.  In the process, other parts of the PST file can become corrupted.  For this reason, many experts discourage the use of pst19upg.exe for password recovery.


When this tool damages the PST file during password recovery, the user will be presented with an error message stating:


An unknown error occurred.  Code 0×80040600


Fixing this error can often be accomplished with the Scanpst.exe Pro tool.  This utility can resolve most errors associated with the MS Outlook PST file.  The tool is located in:


C:/Program Files/Common Files/System/MSMAPI/1033


Open Scanpst and find the PST file using the Browse function.  Once the PST file is located, click Scan and the utility will automatically repair the damaged PST file.  On rare occasion, the Scanpst utility will be unable to fully restore access to the PST file.  In these situations, third party software specializing in PST repair will be needed to regain access to the data.

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