Inbox Repair Tool Error 80040900

MS Outlook is one of the more popular applications for managing e-mails, appointments and many other personal and professional tasks.  All of this data is stored in the Outlook PST file.  Because so much diverse data is stored in this one location, the PST file is the most likely Outlook file to become corrupted or damaged.  In most cases, running the Scanpst.exe tool will resolve any issues encountered.  Microsoft also refers to the Scanpst.exe tool as the Inbox Repair Tool.


In the vast majority of cases, the Inbox Repair Tool will be able to restore access to a user’s MS Outlook data.  However, there are times when this utility is unable fix the problem.  In those cases, the user is presented with an error message.  One of the most common error messages is:


Fatal Error:  80040900


This specific error is caused by a violation of the Scanpst.exe size limit.  The Inbox Repair Tool is only able to scan and repair PST files smaller than 2GB.  Users can verify the cause of this error by examining the properties of the Outlook PST file and noting its size.  Microsoft has created a utility to reduce the size of the PST file below the 2GB limit.  This tool, pst2gb.exe, is called the PST Crop Tool.  It works by truncating and removing data from the PST file.  Once the file has been reduced, the Inbox Repair Tool will be able to complete its task of repairing the PST file.  In many cases, this will restore access to the Outlook folders.


A significant amount of the time, however, the user is still unable to access their data.  This is because the PST Crop Tool often removes data the user needs.  Once the PST Crop Tool has been run, the removed and truncated data is lost forever.  When error 80040900 occurs, the best option is to take advantage of third party Outlook PST Repair applications.  These tools are able to work with PST files larger than 2GB and repair them.  Using one of these utilities first, will ensure important data does not get lost.

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