Fatal Error Running Scanpst.exe

MS Outlook is among the most used e-mail and personal management applications around.  When it experiences problems, users rely on the built in Scanpst.exe tool to restore functionality.  On occasion this utility is unable to fully resolve the issue.  Most of the time, user will see the following error message when Scanpst.exe is unable to complete the repairs.

Fatal Error Code:  8004018

This error code indicates that the PST file too large for Scanpst.exe to successfully complete repairs.  The Scanpst.exe utility can only fix PST files smaller than 2GB.  Users can verify the size of the PST file by checking its properties.

Microsoft has created a truncation tool to reduce the size of the PST file.  This utility can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.  After running the pst2gb.exe tool provided by Microsoft, the Scanpst.exe utility is often able to complete repairs to the Outlook PST file without any errors.  When the utility cannot successfully repair the PST file, a third party PST Repair application should be used to restore full access and functionality to Outlook.

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