TCP/IP Errors in Outlook

Many people rely on MS Outlook for their email needs in both business and personal life.  When Outlook stops working properly, this can be very frustrating.  Most of the time, users are presented with an error message to help them identify the issue and resolve it correctly.  Outlook TCP/IP errors are some of the most frustrating errors encountered.  This is largely due to the fact that there are so many different ways the error can be caused.


Outlook TCP/IP errors often present themselves when the user attempts to update their inbox with new messages or send an email.  MS Outlook’s connection to the server fails and the user sees a message stating:


A TCP/IP error occurred while trying to send data to the server


The most common causes of this error are incompatible versions of Outlook or Internet Explorer, a computer virus, Corrupt TCP/IP protocol or a corrupt Outlook PST file.  Restoring Outlook’s access to the server is much easier than most people think.


  • Ensure Outlook and Internet Explorer are both updated
  • Run a virus scan on the computer
  • Reinstall the TCP/IP protocol in the computer’s Network Connections
  • Repair the Outlook PST file


The first three options are beyond the scope of this article.  Anyone needing assistance can find instructions on the Internet.  The Scanpst.exe tool will fix a corrupt Outlook PST file.  The tool is located in:


C:/Program Files/Common Files/System/MSMAPI/1033


Run Scanpst.exe and browse to the PST file.  Click the Scan button and the PST file will be checked for corruption and the tool will automatically repair any damage.  If the corruption is too severe for the Scanpst.exe tool, an Outlook PST Repair application from a third party will be required to fix the PST file.

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